Access to electricity underpins our modern world and as technology expands our clients' horizons, Sturdie is here to bring the energy to their every endeavour.

How We Work

In the same way electricity seeks out the shortest path between two points, our approach is powered by efficiency.

Running agile teams of dedicated professionals across Australia and New Zealand, our clients know they can trust our workmanship across a broad scale of projects.

But it is our genuine approach to partnership that means we look holistically at our clients' business and seek out system-wide solutions that add real value to our client's operations.

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The Industries We Serve


Sturdie is well-versed in project delivery and understands the role we play in the construction industry.


We specialise in innovative and reliable electrical solutions for the healthcare industry, ensuring seamless integration for enhanced safety and efficiency.


Highly-rated and accredited, Sturdie can be trusted with the scope and scale of any government project.


We utilise a proven project management framework to ensure the successful delivery of every project we commit to. We focus on delivering our projects on time and on budget.

Retail/Facility Management

We partner with household names across the country and ensure these shops are up and trading with their reliance on electrical.


This emerging and innovative sector is driving economic and industrial change at scale and Sturdie is proud to be a part of that change.


Sturdie understands the critical role electrical plays in making sure the production line stays productive.


Sturdie has critical security accreditation and experience which allow us to service the most sensitive sites effectively.


With the highest levels of accreditation, the Sturdie difference can be applied to projects at the micro and macro scale - from simple installations to highly sensitive situations. We always challenge ourselves to deliver the same, professional, and discreet service no matter the project. 

At Sturdie we conduct ourselves professionally, ask what's possible and go out of our way to form partnerships built on trust. 

That's the Sturdie difference: we do more to keep you connected.