our valuesWhat makes us Sturdie?

It’s more than strength or toughness.
It all comes down to how we’re built.
We go out of our way to help others.
Not because we have to, but because it’s the right thing to do.
It’s how we’re built: with passion, and care, and an insatiable need to deliver peace of mind.
We strive for a culture that’s built on honesty. Honestly, there’s no exceptions.
Because honesty builds better relationships – with our partners, and with each other.
We’re built to take on pessimism.
So, when in doubt, we’ll show you we’re different, and we’ll make you believe. But most importantly, we are built on trust.
Trust in our expertise and in our integrity.
It is the foundation of our business.
It’s uncompromising, unshakable, unbreakable.
And that’s what makes us Sturdie.

Sturdie. Trades built on trust. 

How we work with you.

Your problem, our business

We are here to develop, encourage and foster trustworthy relationships within our team, our suppliers and our customers.

Serve and inspire

We recognise and respect individual differences and acknowledge each other's contributions to achieving a common goal; we are honest with ourselves and with others, and we foster a respect-based culture.

True hearted

In every interaction, we aspire to be sincere, knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy and work towards continuous improvement.

We’ve got this!

Conducting ourselves in an honest, fair and responsible way will build a strong trusting relationship with employees, suppliers, partners and customers.

Why work with us

Our Vision

By focusing on our people, Sturdie will bring our valued partners on the journey to save an industry from doubt, by delivering absolute peace of mind while building enduring partnerships through a culture of excellence and high performance. Your assets covered!

Our Mission

Sturdie will lead the change in an industry where trust and honesty is paramont. Our clients deserve this, and our people deserve it too.


This name is an adaptation of the word ‘Sturdy’, which means physically strong and solid or thick; and therefore unlikely to break or be hurt. Beyond just physical strength, it is the strength of character which makes one sturdy. To be sturdy is to be reliable, trusted and counted upon through all seasons, good and bad. The tweak to traditional spelling is a hybrid of the words ‘sturdy’ and ‘tradie’. It’s a nod to the industry and what we actually do. The name encompasses our essence of being professional, trusted and welcoming people into the fold with open arms. 

Working with our community.

At Sturdie we are really lucky to work with a great team and we enjoy giving back where we can to community groups that are important to us.

Below are the charities we've supported:

2015 – Reachout Australia, National Breast Cancer Foundation

2016 – Red kite, The Smith Family

2017 – Bush Heritage, Animal Welfare, Red Kite

2018 – Backpacks 4 SA Kids, Kick Start for Kids, YP Dog Rescue

2019 – KI Bushfire Relief and Wildlife Relief

2020 – Dry July Foundation & SAHMRI 

2021 – The Cove Football Club

Community Work


Due to the recent 2019-2020 bush fires, Sturdie provided a community support vehicle to help with the bush fire recovery effort, including the delivery of animal food, loading and delivery of equipment for rebuilding of structures.

McLaren Eagles 

At Sturdie we have been a long-time supporter of the McLaren Eagles who play footy in South Australia’s Great Southern Football League. It’s a great family club that shares similar values to Sturdie and we are proud to be part of the team.