PROJECTS City Of Holdfast Bay

City of Holdfast Bay

Sturdie has recently completed a major CCTV upgrade for the City of Holdfast Bay at Glenelg in Adelaide, using the highly capable Motorola Indigovision System. 

In today's dynamic urban landscape, ensuring the safety and security of residents, visitors and businesses is a paramount responsibility. To address this need, we are proud to introduce our cutting-edge Safe City CCTV Project; a comprehensive solution designed to foster a secure and harmonious urban environment which Enhances Public Safety, provides Swift Incident Responses, assists Crime Prevention and Investigation, provides Public Trust and Transparency and Future-Proofs Urban Development. 

The Safe City CCTV Project provides advanced surveillance capabilities. The system, designed and installed by our Secure Technologies business, is based on overarching principles of Safe City designs.  The Safe City concept lies in its ability to elevate the urban experience for all stakeholders, effectively curbing instances of violence, and preserving the aesthetic integrity of the urban environment by eradicating incidents of vandalism.

The project was subject to a rigorous tendering process, underpinned by three pivotal criteria, Safe City Principles, SA Police (SAPOL) requirements, and the needs of the City of Holdfast Bay.  The Sturdie team distinguished itself and secured the project through a series of impactful presentations and the meticulous development of proof-of-concept designs. 

Upon securing the project award, Sturdie engaged with City of Holdfast Bay to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the project scope which involved seamless integration of a wireless infrastructure network, meticulously orchestrated to guarantee connectivity across an expansive 1.5km² of Council area. 

Sturdies innovative solution empowers SAPOL with dynamic pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras which are strategically positioned throughout the project area to detect, monitor, and pursue any instances of suspicious behaviour. By seamlessly integrating this capability with the comprehensive fixed camera network, we optimise incident response times, resulting in a markedly improved ability to swiftly address any potential issue.

Sturdie has provided City of Holdfast Bay the ability to control and adjust cameras within the network to better monitor safety for the community and to be able to react to any issues detected via the CCTV system, quickly. 

Sturdie is proud to have been engaged by City of Holdfast Bay to complete this very important project.