NEWS South Australia Announces Australian-First Aged Care CCTV Trial

11 July 2020

The CCTV pilot is an Australian-first and will explore the viability and acceptability of using audio-visual surveillance and monitoring within SA Health operated residential facilities. Sturdie will initially implement an audio-visual surveillance system and provide a 24/7 monitoring service in 2 SA Health operated pilot sites.

The 12-month trial comes in the shadow of Oakden and in the context of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. The trial aims to assess whether such a system can contribute to improving the quality of care while maintaining the privacy and dignity of residents.

As part of the project, Sturdie will visit the pilot sites to demonstrate to residents, families and staff how the audio-visual surveillance and monitoring system will operate. An independent evaluator will then work closely with residents, family, staff and Sturdie to assess the response and its success.

The trial will provide the South Australian Government with valuable information about the value of such a monitoring service within aged care facilities.